Netflix Marathon – RuPaul’s Drag Race.


RuPaul’s Drag Race is a 7 Season long show (and counting) were a number of Drag-tastic divas compete for the title of America’s Next Drag Super Star. The show is hosted and judged by RuPaul and her Squirrel friends; Michelle Visage and Santino Rice. The judges are also joined by guess judges, some notable ones for me were Johnny Weir, Dita Von Teese and Janice Dickinson. If you want to read more about the show click here, here or here.

How To Wear It – Crops, Ripped Jeans and White Trainers.


Just about anyone that has walked around the high streets of Britain recently will have seen girls wearing the following outfit or items of clothing. 

The jeans with the rips at the knees.

Crop tops.

White trainers.

So I thought I would share how I wear this but I put a slight twist on it.

Nail Designs


I love getting my nails done. So I thought I would share some designs i’ve had. I usually get acrylics done however some people are not fond of getting acrylics as they can ruin your nails. However they just dry my nails out a bit so they do not damage mine as much as other peopes. My mum tends to get shilac done on her nails as does not find them as damaging. So if you are worried about damaging your nails i would discuss your options with your nail technician.

My nails tend to last at minimum 3 weeks.

Here are some nails I’ve had done in the past…