Morning Skin Routine 


If you want to know my night time routine then you can click here, to read it.

Anyhow this is my day time skin routine. Also as a little bonus to this I want to remind people that a balanced diet and drinking lots of water is also very good for keeping your skin nice and healthy. TBH a balanced healthy diet helps almost everything.
But for products… This is what I do.

Fitness Favourites – January


Hopefully you all haven’t fallen off the bandwagon (is that one word or two? Is it even a word? Fucking dyslexia…) yet. I BELIVE IN YOU. Anyway so this month has been pretty shit, I’ve got the January Blues and uni work has hit me like a fucking yellow school bus (mean girls reference, duh) 

I’ve constantly got a head ache, my eating is pretty shit (I am a stress eater) and I’m not sleeping well, and these factors all lead up to not being in the best of moods.

However, exercise is a huge stress reliever for me. So the gym and ice rink have been my sanctuary.


The Importance of Protection.


Keeping things safe is SUPER IMPORTANT.  That goes for pretty much everything, but for this post I’ll be sharing how I protect my electronic devices. I am a sucker for a good phone cover. Plus I constantly drop things, and I genuinely have an emotional attachment to my electronic devices so I would be FUCKING DEVASTATED if they broke when i dropped them. But thankfully due to my magnificent covers they are all nice, cosy and safe.

– Just a little note, if i can i will link to the exact product i purchased. if not i will link to something similar. So freebies may vary. –



Night Time Skin Routine 


When I was younger my skin used to be a lot worse and I thought when I grew up (specifically when I was out of teenage years) my skin would magicaly become blemish free. However that is simply not the case, and at the fabulous age of 21 I still have pretty un-fabulous skin that I need to take care of.
According to pretty much every beauty blogger I watch, you should wash your skin twice a day. Once in the morning and once at night. So that is exactly what I do!

Annnnd I’ll be starting with my night time skin routine. For no particular reason, I just am…

Animal Crossing – New Leaf – House Tour


HERE IS MY HOUSE …. Come on in and see my Furniture!!!


Picture stolen from my first ACNL blog…. so its a little out of date.

This is my basement. It’s the worst room in the house so I’ll start with it.


Its decorated with random stuff and Kiddie themed furniture. wooooo