Nail Designs


I love getting my nails done. So I thought I would share some designs i’ve had. I usually get acrylics done however some people are not fond of getting acrylics as they can ruin your nails. However they just dry my nails out a bit so they do not damage mine as much as other peopes. My mum tends to get shilac done on her nails as does not find them as damaging. So if you are worried about damaging your nails i would discuss your options with your nail technician.

My nails tend to last at minimum 3 weeks.

Here are some nails I’ve had done in the past…

Netflix Marathon – Dexter



Dexter is a 8 Season long crime drama based around the Miami Metro Police department. Using the code provided by his late father, Blood spatter Analyst, Dexter Morgan, feeds his ‘Dark Passenger’ by murdering villains who escaped Justice.

The show aired between 2006 – 2013 and you can read more about it here or here.

So I watched the first season of Dexter fairly quickly, but not too impressively quickly (maybe like a week or 2). I enjoyed the episodes and was enticed to come back and watch however at the end of the season, the season finally made no attempt to draw me back to watching it, but after looking through the Netflix archives I could see no other shows that I wanted to watch so I went back to watching Dexter.

It is based on a serious topic but it’s not that series the whole time, I did laugh a lot watching it. Plus this is SOOOOOO FUNNY.

None of my friends had watched it (as far as I am aware) so I knew no spoilers, so every surprise was a big one and there were a lot of twists and turns. I feel like I watched the rest of the seasons in about 1 month. And I loved every moment of it. So exciting. Really a great show. Until the very last episode.

The ending to Dexter was to put it bluntly SHIT. It seemed so out of the blue, random and not like the characters to me. I feel like they set the show up for a Lumberjack murder spin off movie. That’s a slight spoiler, but really I would applaud you if you saw that ending coming.

I usually hate endings, I feel like books and TV shows and movies never really have a good ending. But I really really REALLY hope that the books for Dexter have a different ending. If anyone has read the books please feel free to message me about any major plot changes.


Favourite Character: Deborah Morgan.
Favourite Moment: This bitch was annoying and this was pretty funny.
Rating: 3 stars, Really enjoyed, sometimes stupid. Terrible Ending.

Let me know your thoughts on Dexter and suggest what I should marathon next.

Happy Blogging <3