Canada Exchange – 8


On a previous post I talked about Winterlude, so I thought I would discuss what I wore to stay warm. I feel what I wore was appropriate as I was warm but not sweating and I had good mobility. My biggest issue was my boots were slidey as I wore doc martens instead of snow boots. So I would maybe recommend investing in snow boots. Not that it particularly matters how I looked but you can see the completed outfit in previous Canada Exchange posts.

Canada Exchange – 6

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Most Canadians will recommend that you stay in side when it’s really cold. And by “really cold” I mean with weather warnings or snow days! Canadians are not phased by much when it comes to weather but they are still human!┬áBut you don’t have to stay inside, as long as you are bundled up you can have loads of fun in the cold, and I was lucky enough to go to Ottawa and enjoy Winterlude!

Canada Exchange – 4


Now that I’ve been in Canada for almost a month, my room is starting to feel a bit more homey<3 for those who are not familiar with student accommodation the rooms are very bland, boring and basic so making them feel cosy and comfortable can be pretty difficult tbh :/ However Brock does give you some freedom and allow you to decorate the small pale box, obviously within reason, so this is what I’ve done with my room…