2 Year Burger Challenge Date



So on January 13th of this year Adam (my Boyfriend) and I have been going out for 2 years. Being away from each other was hard enough, but being away from each other during this time – which in my mind was a pretty important event- was particularly shit.

So we decided to arrange a date, an extra special date to mark the occasion. This also gave us something to look forward to whilst we were apart. We decided to attempt the Ad Lib Burger Challenge. Well Kind of…..

Canada Exchange – 8


On a previous post I talked about Winterlude, so I thought I would discuss what I wore to stay warm. I feel what I wore was appropriate as I was warm but not sweating and I had good mobility. My biggest issue was my boots were slidey as I wore doc martens instead of snow boots. So I would maybe recommend investing in snow boots. Not that it particularly matters how I looked but you can see the completed outfit in previous Canada Exchange posts.

Canada Exchange – 6

Other, What did you do today?


Most Canadians will recommend that you stay in side when it’s really cold. And by “really cold” I mean with weather warnings or snow days! Canadians are not phased by much when it comes to weather but they are still human!┬áBut you don’t have to stay inside, as long as you are bundled up you can have loads of fun in the cold, and I was lucky enough to go to Ottawa and enjoy Winterlude!