Festival Fashion – T in the Park


If you have never been to a festival before i highly recommend them, they are great:  you get to get drunk in a field with friends, meet new people, see some of your fave bands, experience a massive variety of genres of music, and did i mention getting drunk in a field?

But another thing I love about festivals is festival fashion!! So my friend Sara and I made a little look book of what well be wearing next weekend to the outstanding TITP!



For festival fashion I tend to do it on a budget so the outfits are pretty cheap, (which is great in my opinion) When it comes to festivals you can have a lot of fun with what you wear and be really creative, so do be afraid to hit eBay, Charity shops and even customise your clothes.

Tough Mudder 2014

Fitness, What did you do today?

hi beautiful peeps, soz there was a bit of a delay for this weeks post but it was my birthday on Saturday 21st so obv i should be forgiven. Well on June the 15th (a Sunday, i might add) my fab team of friends and i ran Tough Mudder, which was held in Edinburgh this year. Firstly for anyone thinking of attempting Tough Mudder  I 100% recommend it and this post will just be some helpful tips and a description of the run itself.

But first here is a before and after selfie :L

20140623-100602 pm-79562213.jpg

Saving Pennies $£$£


I love having a piggy bank! I get really excited when I get to crack it open and I have this sudden influx of money. My latest piggy bank included the vast majority of my tips from when I was a waitress and all of my loose change for roughly the past year! My choice of piggy bank this time round, was a variety you had to open with a can opener…..


Weird I know, but I bought it from a Pound shop, so nice and cheap :P

Don’t Close Your Eyes

What did you do today?

So for my boyfriends 21st I paid for us to go skydiving! Considering his birthday was in December this has been a long time coming! Due to health, safety, monetary and privacy reasons you are not aloud to take pictures but the memories will be ingrained in my brain forever!! So that doesn’t bother me ;) but there will just be a lack of pictures on this post.



Here is a pretty picture of clouds that I found on Google images.